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Lash Extension Classic Full Set
Lash Extension Volume Full Set
Classic Fill
Volume Fill
2-week Classic
2-week Volume

Lift & Tint



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*Classic Full Set by Jordie Davis* 

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A full set takes approximately two hours

Fills occur every 2-4 weeks, anything longer may be considered a full set

Fills take approximately one hour

Clients lay on a comfortable bed (heat is optional during colder months)

Eyes stay closed during the entire process (some clients are so comfortable they even fall asleep!)

What to expect...

Shower the night before or morning of your appointment, as the lashes cannot get wet for 24 hours

Come with no makeup on

Please arrive on time for your appointment

Come 10 minutes early if you are getting a full set so you can review and sign a consent form.

How to prepare...

Lash Aftercare...

Cleanse regularly, even if you don't wear makeup

Use oil-free makeup products, makeup removers, and cleansers

Brush daily

Avoid rubbing your eyes, picking lashes, or sleeping face down on your pillow

Do not use lash curler

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